Etoile for Centrufficio Piacenza architectures of light and transparency

Centrufficio Piacenza is an important Italian company that was founded in 1983 from the union of the skills of masters of architecture and Italian style.

During these thirty years, the company has set itself the objective of providing new ideas for living spaces and qualifying work environments, with the use of simple, practical and modern furnishings.

With these premises, the new headquarters combines functionality and style to promote the well-being and productivity of employees, improving the business climate, internal communication and relationships with customers.

Within the complex set-up project, Etoile followed the creation and customization of all the internal wooden and glass partitions under the guidance of PCMR, leading Milanese company in office design, and the project manager, Arch. Pierluigi Tessera.

The layout involved the construction of a range of practical spaces, physically distinct but offering harmonious visual continuity, in which the different souls of the company could live together.

From design and office supplies, to Contract, to residential supplies, offering furnishings and accessories from the leading brands in the design scene, up to the more technological division dedicated to home automation and Smart working.

The client’s need, which Etoile has been able to meet with attention and flexibility, was to customize the catalog office partition walls to satisfy the demands of a flexible and dynamic layout.

A project in which the “custom made” concept touched upon the physical and technological extremes of materials and processes and which required all the added value of our company’s experience, as well as considerable production and organizational effort.

On the ground floor of the building a continuous wall has been installed, approximately 4 meters high with big glass doors.

On the upper floor the glass partition walls of the offices, which favor the natural light diffusion and visual interaction with the outdoor environment, they required important custom-made carpentry works related to the fixtures and doors.

The tone of voice of the overall intervention was characterized by an uncompromising contemporary aesthetic line, focusing on open and bright spaces, thanks to cuts of light and transparencies with attention to the smallest detail.

All without compromising the essential requirements of privacy, functionality and acoustic comfort of the workspaces, however guaranteed by the tested and certified performance of our partition walls.

In line with Centrufficio’s philosophy, the new work spaces have been redesigned always placing people’s quality of life at the center, after a careful analysis of the living components and the development of functional, technological and aesthetic aspects.

Environmental sustainability also played a key role in the design of the headquarters thanks to a clever mix of innovative solutions such as the use of groundwater for heating and cooling of the internal spaces, the shielding of the external facades with sunshades that can be adjusted based on the solar radiation and home automation for the management of systems.