Etoile moodboard: finshes, textures and palettes

Etoile – research & development

Etoile provides all the tools to create workspaces that are functional, comfortable and with the highest degree of customization thanks to a large array of selections from materials, finishes, textures and palettes.

A kind of evocative Moodboard, available to developers and designers, from which they can draw the best inspiration to ‘design’ the environment they want to create in the most effective way.

Tradition joins sustainability in the combination of natural materials such as wood and fine stone, with contemporary solutions where glass and metals prevail in a variety of finishes.

It is Etoile’s ongoing challenge to provide endless customization possibilities for exclusive, functional and comfortable workspaces.

The search for harmony and well-being is achieved through the skillful use of materials, light and colors in a continuous exchange between energy and relaxation, which are summarized and complemented in the choice of natural textures and organic design.

New trends in biodesign are rewriting the concept of workspaces into a ‘narrative’ of intimate, comfortable, both human and eco-friendly interiors.

Etoile suggests the creation of spaces designed to stimulate productivity and creativity within a “safe” context, secured under a thermal, acoustic and aesthetic point of view.

Highlights of each project are our soft and natural palettes, combined with the grain of wood and the materiality of stone and other natural materials.

A tactile, nature-inspired design that engaging the five senses in a mix of tones and textures seeking elegant sustainable and contemporary atmospheres.

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