Project – Original Birth

Etoile – research & development

Crafting work and representative spaces with sartorial care, shaping the ideas and philosophy of the client. Making a company’s founding values tangible, in an interplay of shapes and lines that represent its most authentic and instantly recognizable narrative to the public. This is the essence of Etoile’s tailor-made contract, a coordinated and complex system of integrated turnkey solution management, capable of providing a tailor-made service for any need and any project.

Combining the elegance of precious rooms with a classic touch and natural materials such as wood and fine marble, with the maximum functional space optimization of a modern industry.

This was the challenge of this interior contract tender that was submitted to us by Original Birth, a leading automotive company, which was to set up a working area of more than 40000 square meters, 15000 of which were covered, with an industrial warehouse handling more than 6 million parts and components per year, distributing them to 58 countries and 5 continents.

Metrica s ® partition was the star of the project, which combined with Metrica® Cieca and precious travertine cladding, enabled us to create refined and pleasant workspaces, simple in their organizational complexity yet extremely functional   

Elegance and classicism, communicating authority and solidity, intermingle with the transparencies of glazed partitions to convey a yearning for brightness.


Style, elegance and rationalization of workspaces were the starting points of Original Birth’s contract project moved from in perfect balance.

A careful selection of luxury complements was made, either found on the market or created expressly for the client.

Everything has been carefully contextualized in rooms surrounded by bright glass partitions, enhanced by the use of travertine wood, seeking for a unique combination of formal research, technical innovation, environmental quality and functionality.

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