Project – Rael

Etoile – research & development

Conceiving and building workspaces whose environmental comfort, functionality and attention to design are the basis of uncompromising solutions has always been a must for our company.

Brightness, privacy, acoustic insulation and elegance are the pillars on which Etoile designed this project. A highly customized solution based on the standards of RAEL, a high-quality company requiring high-quality offices.Combining high acoustic standards with a high level of design and customization in a skillful and balanced way, was the main request of the customer who wished to achieve transparent meeting rooms in visual communication with the surrounding spaces, yet protected from any noise.

A high-level project for a top-market player as RAEL, a reference for fifty years in the design and construction of explosion-proof electric motors for potentially explosive atmospheres.

In an ever-changing global market, the research of a high-quality product combined with extreme competitiveness, has led this company to a continuous development based on values such as tenacity, passion for work and spirit of sacrifice.

A sharing of principles, also essential to Etoile’s mission, are at the basis of the successful relationship established between the two companies.

As solid as our Metrica d2 ® wall, which was used to realize RAEL’s workspaces, creating bright scenarios that do not compromise privacy, thanks to the double glazing that provides maximum noise reduction.

Finally, our “Dodici ®” furniture used for the meeting and executive tables, blends the context with contemporary design, recalling the external architecture of the company.


Transparency was the key word of this project that saw the creation of modern and functional environments thanks to the excellent rationalization of office spaces.

Oak-wood acoustic doors were used in combination with the Metrica d2 ® wall, chosen to perfectly seal up the working environments.

The elegance of finishes is the main character of this “turn-key” project, thus highlighting the fine interiors. Each item has been designed and manufactured in detail while maintaining a style and quality that meets the customer’s request: crystal staircase, false ceilings, floors and lighting design.

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