Project – Sunglass Industry Padua

Etoile – research & development

Turning spaces into places is the first vocation for us at Etoile. By realizing the expectations of our stakeholders, we make the most of their vision of space and work.

Here is one of our tailor-made solutions, between the timeless warmth of wood and the fascinating, contemporary transparencies of glass.

A solid wood floor subject to height variations due to thermal excursions.

This was the input provided by the customer concerning the partition walls for their new headquarter in Padua. And this is where our design team started from to imagine the best technical and architectural solutions to deliver tailored working environments, where light and views are the main character of all spaces.

To best combine the contemporary transparencies of large glass surfaces with the warm charm of natural wood, we have designed and then crafted a structure able to absorb any thermal expansion to which materials such those used in this project are normally subject.

In fact, if glass is the focus of the project, and it couldn’t be otherwise as Sunglass Industry is one of the leading companies in the processing of this precious material, the notable attic is the element that gives personality and pleasantness to the rooms, perpetuating that ancestral bond between man and wood that provides a beneficial effect on all our senses. A successful sensory synergy, functional to both personal well-being and quality of work, which makes this achievement an exceptional result of which, at Etoile, we are particularly proud.

OUR PROPOSAL: Creation of a one-of-a-kind aluminum matrix that could support the material’s thermal expansion due to different climatic conditions, thus eliminating any potential criticality for the partitions structure.

Once the proposal was accepted, we proceeded to the feasibility study and the custom-made production of our glazed partition, along with its own accessories.