Project – University Medical Center of Ljubljana

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Etoile is customization in every detail, thanks to the internal design we create tailor-made products that fit every aesthetic and functional need.

Let’s check out together one of the latest creations.

A shell profile for maximum sanitation of the workplace.

Pleasant, safe, soundproofed work environments and also easy to sanitize.

The study of our design team was born from this need. To facilitate the cleaning and sanitization of the rooms, we started from an existing partition wall system and then modified and optimized it by creating a curved base capable of connecting wall and floor. An effective solution that guarantees aesthetics, functionality and hygiene.

PROPOSAL: The creation of an aluminum profile acting as the ground track of our Unica D glazed partition with a curved base to connect the PVC floor covering.

Thanks to the profile’s curved base, it is possible to avoid the deposit of dust thus facilitating the sanitation of the rooms.

Once the proposal is accepted, we move on to the feasibility study and the project re-examination, then leading to validation and prototypes realization.