tailor-made contract

From design to workspace fit-out with a single reference partner

Building a corporate headquarters or work area is a founding and generative moment for any business.

It is about shaping ideas with passion, professionalism and experience. Each project is a business card delivering first impressions to the visitor.

It is the media of a narrative through which a company’s values and philosophy are told.

Creating integrated turnkey solutions having an interior contractor to take care of all the steps, from design to wall-covering fittings, furniture, partition walls, finishes, facilities, lighting, and whatever else is needed, is a useful and valuable opportunity to consider when you want to define a workspace in a personal and exclusive way.

With teams of qualified professionals and companies, the Contract approach is able to guarantee a tailor-made service for every type of client, from small businesses to large industrial groups.

We are referring to a comprehensive and complex operation in which a single interlocutor takes care of whatever is necessary to deliver a workspace on time, meeting the technical specifications defined in the design phase and optimizing all the resources used in the work. The client will then be able to use a single partner who can follow them from the initial idea, to the delivery of the finished setting.

A truly “tailor made” service, in which a single partner is responsible for all phases of the project, coordinating designers, developers, suppliers and sub-suppliers of customized materials and products, all the way to the final phase of installers.

Contracting is a sector that is becoming more and more attractive to Italian interior-design companies as it offers opportunities of growth and expansion into new markets.

“Made in Italy” in fact, is by now universally known for the creativity, design and unique “know-how” of skilled artisans able to transform, with handcraft care, lines, surfaces and volumes into aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional workspaces.