The image beyond experience. the story of an evolution

Open day dedicated to Etoile’s new communication with company stakeholders

Etoile’s open day ‘The image beyond the experience’ was held on November the 25th, retracing in a passionate and lively narrative, the history of the company at the presence of all the stakeholders of this important and successful reality. Thanks to the protagonists’ reports, the event marked the stages of an evolution full of events for this company, today representing a reference point, both nationally and internationally, for office partitions and fittings. It was also an opportunity to bring together for the first time in many years, agents, dealers and the professionals who gravitate around this reality, from all over Italy and abroad. The aim of the meeting, in which the interventions of numerous speakers were offered, was to analyse Etoile’s positioning in the market, its reputation, and the quality and competitiveness that it can counter against its direct competitors. A thorough investigation, conducted with the experiential contribution of the professionals attending the meeting, allowed for an effective synthesis of the current situation. In the light of all this, the new corporate image was presented to the audience, synthesizing and updating the style that has always distinguished the company. Not a merely formal operation, but a communicative action that is embodied in the new Portrait as a summary document of style, experience, competence and reliability. Through this tool, image becomes an important added value allowing to share with stakeholders the great experience gained, which can finally be communicated to the outside world thanks to a renewed awareness of its skills and potential.

The meeting was introduced by Art director, Architect Paolo Pampanoni, who defined the day’s rules of engagement, and then gave the floor to Fabio Santoni, CEO & Founder of the company. The latter, after greeting the attendees, expressed his gratitude to the internal staff, agents and business partners, and all those who have believed Etoile’s value so far and contributed to bringing it to the excellent production and commercial level it can boast today.

Santoni then extended a warm welcome to Armenio Estima, the owner of the Portuguese company Divilux, which is a reliable partner since more than 25 years, and thanks to the transfer of know-how has enabled Etoile’s products to be more widely distributed abroad.

In his next speech, Director Alessio Santoni outlined the economic, productive and business development results achieved to date, and set out the future goals to be achieved in line with the company mission, which can be summarized in the three key words: Flexibility, Efficiency and Quality.

The financial advisor Gianluca Canuti, on the other hand, was tasked with a careful reading and analysis of the company’s parameters to be set against the current market situation and Etoile’s competitors.

Sales Director Corrado Caimmi then outlined the identikit of a dynamic and reliable company, also in the light of the numerous certifications it can boast, such as ISO 9001 on quality process effectiveness, Leed Mapping on building sustainability (highly regarded in the US) and FSC Certification for responsible forest management. After describing the company’s DNA, which is strongly oriented towards product quality, staff expertise, technological innovation and ‘tailor-made’ customization, he outlined the company’s business strategy and planned the targets for the nearby future.

Matteo Massi, Head of Purchasing at Etoile, reviewed the market trends of recent years with regard to raw material costs which, from the excellent situation in 2019 turned to fear and uncertainty caused by the pandemic in 2020, to supply shortages in 2021, all the way to 2022 with the cost of energy out of control.

After the Coffee Break, Angelica Giannoni explained the creative and communicative aspects of the new corporate image, which focuses on the rigorous features as an identifying element in continuity with the company’s style. The restyled logo itself is the contemporary evolution of the company’s first historical trademark.

At this point, Art director Paolo Pampanoni presented the new Portrait, which will henceforth be the main tool for spreading Etoile’s image, conveying its style, experience, expertise and above all giving great prominence to its people and staff.

Traditional, costly and obsolete paper catalogues will be replaced by agile product monographs rich in photographic and technical content, exclusively in digital format, accompanied by a continuously updated Company Profile. After the Portrait presentation, Architect Pampanoni conducted a benchmarking analysis, comparing and contrasting Etoile’s prices with those of its main competitors’ products to highlight the company’s positioning in specific market segments such as partition walls and doors of different sizes.

And lastly, through graphic renderings he anticipated some future projects to be developed, along with Divilux, of silent rooms and office phone boots.

Etoile’s open day was closed by consultant Cristina Miseo who, after analyzing the main social tools currently available, in view of the potential target market, outlined the communication actions planned for the coming months, hoping for maximum engagement and action by the entire sales network

She also explained how communication has shifted over the years from one dedicated specifically to the product to one that is no longer unidirectional, strongly linked to the relationship with the public, its needs and demands for solutions. What needs to be conveyed outside in order to intercept the intended target group, is passion, professionalism, know-how and problem-solving skills. In a nutshell, the people and the team. Hence the official launch of the hashtag #etoilepeople, which from now on will sign all the company’s posts.