The new Etoile showroom

There is a magical place within our company.

It is a space that is never the same, constantly changing.  Just like our ideas.

It’s where we like to shape emptiness and light, transforming them into ever-new settings.

Here is where we focus our experience of many years in designing and implementing work spaces, interpreting the taste, the needs and the style of Etoile’s customers.

A symphony written by multiple authors, a collective work that takes shape and evolves thanks to the continuous contribution of all our clients, designers and collaborators.

Our goal is to always create open, relational and inclusive milieus, which as partitions’ producers might seem like nonsense.

Though our concept of workspace aims to go beyond the limit, to cross the boundary of thought’s perimeters, by putting forwards continuous connections among people.

A contemporary vision of surfaces that can be functionally delimited, but never limited in its search for encountering and wellbeing.

It is a constant tension to the detail, to that characteristic that distinguishes our search for beauty even in human relationships.

All this and much more is what we would like you to experience with our invitation to visit our new showroom, always displaying the best of Etoile’s projects and solutions.

Allow time for your space.

It is precious.