The roots of a sustainable future

Etoile – research & development

Etoile’s signature business cycle involves the utmost care and total respect for the environment

Etoile is a 30-year history of passion, drawing sap from deep roots and cherishing its original soul in the vision of a future of opportunity and development, firmly tied to its founding values

Even prior to being a primary industrial reality at the national level, it is a project open to a globalized world but traced on imperative principles of respect for people, cultures and territories.

At Etoile, the concept of sustainability is combined in every action with the conception of the environment as an asset and as a wealth to be preserved and enhanced.

It is belonging to a community of reference, to a humus from which drawing nourishment to grow and expand in markets.

This is the key to our philosophy, going through the preservation of the local dimension, intended not only as the environment, but above all as development that can create value in the area.

Our spotlight has always been on creating wealth to protect our community with a growing focus on enhancing endogenous resources as matrices of well-being and development for the local economy.

From this perspective, our made in Italy takes on a value that far exceeds mere production or the choice of raw materials.

This is why we have selected our suppliers ally on a “Km0” basis, as they are all located within a 50-kilometer radius away from our company.

The eco-sustainable solutions we have introduced into our business cycles are aimed at saving the planet’s resources: from saving energy, reducing production waste through recycling, rationalizing packaging to reduce its unnecessary components, and optimizing logistics in a sustainable way.

For years, our maximum commitment has been focused on the maximum use of energy production from certified renewable sources and the economy of reuse, through qualified collaborations with partners capable of reintroducing into the production process elements resulting from the transformation of material recovered from in-house processing such as metal and wood.

It is also a reflection of the great attention our company is devoting to obtaining FSC, an international, independent, third-party certification of forestry and products, both wood and non-wood, derived from properly managed and properly used forests and plantations.