workspace color inspiration

Etoile – development & research

At Etolie, we know the importance of choosing the palettes to be used to achieve comfortable and functional workspaces.

We know how colours affect states of mind, mood and interpersonal interactions.

No colour option has a neutral effect, each combination is able to affect and canalise the perception of reality of those operating within a given location.

Some colours are known to be relaxing, and some to be exciting or energising. Others may alter the state of concentration, be distracting or even disturbing.

Therefore, whatever the effect being pursued, a good design cannot disregard an accurate study of this dimension as well, too often confined to the mere domain of aesthetics.

It is precisely in this direction that Etoile has prepared a series of highly customisable solutions to create ‘tailor-made’ settings that are perfectly functional for any customer’s needs.

In the ‘inspirational’ pinboard that follows, we offer some free suggestions for the readers’ convenience.

These projects have been delivered in recent years by a London-based partner company specialised in creating premium workplaces, real hubs for business people from all fields.

The common thread running through all these workspaces is a skilful and balanced use of colour combined with the use of our fora style® walls in synergy with our solid metrica®.

These pictures show an elegant old building in Greencoat Place, equipped with contemporary and sustainable design elements.

Straight away, the widespread application of green, the colour most found in nature, is evident, promoting feelings of balance and enhancing the creative performance of people at work.

In the 1930’s former textile warehouse in Wells Mews, warm and bright colours prevail in partitions and furnishings. Yellow is used to stimulate creativity and feelings of optimism. Blue, in its many shades, induces a perception of stability and security.

In this space created at Arnold House, a space naturally flooded with light is well combined with a generous use of white in the partitions, a vitalising and regenerating basic colour. At the same time, the very prominent brown grids counteract the feeling of monotony and convey feelings of solidity, durability and stability.

A minute’s walk from the charming district of Shoreditch, the new Montacute Yards venue finds its natural setting in seven floors of workspaces, located above restaurants, shops, cafés and a characteristic street food market. Large spaces of daylight, amplified by the use of natural blond wood, make furnishings and accessories stand out in vivid colours that stimulate creative thinking and perceptive intelligence.