A precious alloy environmentally-friendly

Aluminum is one of the most used materials in furnishing modern work spaces, thanks to its unique properties and the versatility it offers in the realization of highly customizable projects.

Indeed, this strong and light metal alloy has become, over the years, one of the preferred options for designers, since it allows you to create comfortable, functional and sustainable environments.

For office furniture there is a widespread trend to use aluminum in projects with a minimalist and essential design.

The possibility of creating clean lines and ‘scenic’ light effects, it blends perfectly with the most contemporary architectural sensibilities, in the creation of elegant and sophisticated workplaces.

The aluminum partition walls, usually made with thin and almost ‘invisible’ profiles, they allow spaces to be separated without creating a feeling of closure, promoting interaction and communication between employees.

Another important factor of using this material, as we wrote above, it’s the great possibility of creating modular environments easily and quickly on the client’s dynamic needs.

The choice between different alloys, finishes, textures and colors, also lets you create unique and effectively representative spaces of the ‘tone of voice’ of the corporate brand.

Even biophilic design, which integrates ‘green’ elements into everyday spaces, has become an important trend to promote the well-being of staff.

Along with being combined with natural essences, such as wood, plants and green wall, aluminum offers the possibility of creating semi-transparent partition walls or openwork screens, which allow natural light to come through creating an atmosphere cozy and comfortable.

Another very important aspect is the growing need for the implementation of advanced technologies in workstations and in equipped walls.

The most innovative solutions in workspaces include integrate cable management systems, wireless connectivity and interactive surfaces.

The use of aluminum allows for better heat dissipation, promoting the energy efficiency of the electronic devices housed.

Moreover, this fine alloy is known for its durability and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for more extreme spaces, where strength and ease of maintenance are key.

Aluminum partition walls and furnishings can withstand intensive use over time, keeping their beauty and functionality intact.

Finally, the growing environmental awareness has prompted many companies to select sustainable and reusable materials in their choices for setting up work spaces.

In this sense, the use of aluminum leads to considerable energy savings in production and a more favorable ecological footprint, since it is a 100% recyclable material, infinitely renewable and with low environmental impact.

Among the leading companies in Italy for  the production of aluminum components, there is definitely Fonderie Pandolfo in Maniago, an avant-garde company in the sector, with over forty years of experience, which offers a wide range of customizable billets, high quality and environmentally friendly.

With the smelting of aluminum ingots, waste and scrap, the company creates new products intended for the most various industry: from construction to mechanics, from automotive to high design.

A company constantly focused to guarantee the highest quality of production processes and materials, thus ensuring reliable and long-lasting products.

This company is committed to protecting the environment by adopting environmentally friendly technologies for aluminum smelting.

The melting plant is equipped with sophisticated post-combustion and fume regeneration and water treatment and recovery systems, capable of minimizing harmful emissions and the use of primary resources (methane, electricity, water).

Environmental protection is a priority for the company, which has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental certification procedure for the management of the planet’s resources.

The billets meet the requirements of the L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for the production of “low environmental impact” extruded profiles.

Thanks to the highly qualified technical staff and the know-how of Fonderie Pandolfo, the customer is guided step by step, right from the choice of alloys, for the creation of unique products that fully comply with the most advanced national and international standards on quality, safety and sustainability.