Cozy, contemporary workplaces

Antonello Finiture is one of Etoile’s long-standing partners in workspace creation, contract and office furniture industry.

A qualified and well-established company on the national market since years, A.F. assists architects in their study and design phase on an engineering level, selecting high-quality, resistant materials, suitable for every environment and for any clients’ need.

The project for the company’s new headquarters, completed in 2020, was commissioned to our company, based on the design and construction management of Arch. Valentina Vedovato.

The project aimed to create a cozy, prestigious and functional environment within a building formerly used by the company as a warehouse.

When creating the office and reception areas, the client decided to give the rooms an industrial, yet cosy and functional style.

Given the nature of Antonello Finiture, which deals essentially with exterior/interior architectural cladding, the key to the project naturally laid on a high degree of engineering in the study of details, which allowed us to experience the use of innovative materials and advanced construction techniques.

Capitalizing on its know-how gained in the field over many years of experience, the company made the most of its technical and design skills in synergy with the latest solutions offered by Etoile for the outlining and furnishing of efficient and agile workspaces, ensuring operational interaction while creating a comfortable and pleasant environment that benefits the overall well-being of employees.

Functionally, there are a number of offices on two levels, board rooms and customer receptions, a showroom, and an area dedicated to the display of samples and product archive.

The design concept was to divide the spaces with partitions entirely made of glass, interrupted only by a few baffles of wooden slats.

The resulting outcome achieved the goal to promote the sensation of openness, transparency and brightness.

The ceiling on the first floor was also paneled with wooden slats, leaving it completely visible from the ground level through some double-height openings.

The bespoke staircase made of perforated metal sheet is black painted, as well as all other metal elements in the building.

All pipelines in the rooms are left in full sight, as are the structural elements, providing the spaces with a strong aesthetic and architectural character.

The decision to create large glass surfaces, the interplay of warm and industrial materials, and the double-height opening create a permanent feeling of surprise and wonder in the visitor.

The targeted design and the well-tempered combination of contemporary and traditional elements such as wood, create a unique atmosphere reflecting the very essence of the company, and becoming an effective expression of a tone of voice that is representative of the values and narrative meant to be conveyed outwards.