Quadra is a storage wall, available in three different depths, 600, 462 and 366 mm, and with three types of doors, one solid and two framed glass with extruded aluminium profiles.
The wall features a load-bearing structure of 22-mm-thick panels finished on both sides with melamine paper and double PVC bubble edges. Back panels are 18 mm thick. Quadra back panels are fixed to the structural panels with interlocking joints and can be doubled with inner insulating material where greater acoustic insulation is required.
Internal shelves are adjustable in height and can be melamine-finished or in metal. The system offers various possible configuration options: room-height storage, double leaf doors, doors and drawers, open shelves.
The base volume acts as a wiring inspectable module.


19-mm thick
external-flush glass door


18-mm thick
framed glass door


Solid doors
18 mm thick panels

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